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The George Nicoll Company or “Nicoll of Leven” as it was affectionately known, was founded in 1881 and is now is part of Heritage Golf. Sir Henry Cotton winner of 3 Open Championships heavily endorsed the Nicoll name during his playing days as did Dai Rees and Viv Saunders. The company was Scotland’s most prolific clubmaker producing in excess of 10,000 sets of clubs per year at its peak; in fact Nicoll had representation in every country where golf was played. Heritage Golf are hugely excited about introducing the renowned George Nicoll name back into the marketplace with a modern range of clubs that can be custom fitted to individual requirements.


Two sets of irons will be available at launch – the Legacy Series is a peripheral weighted, game improvement set, while the 1881 set is a forged head targeting the more experienced golfer. Woods, rescue clubs and putters complete the range.

Primarily designed for personal fitting, Heritage Golf are moving away from industry hype and intend to sell the product on the back of a quality service focussing on the actual requirements of individual players – men and ladies, novice and senior. The clubs will be competitively priced and will not be offered in discount outlets with the intention of encouraging Club Professionals to promote the sets while offering them attractive margins.

 Heritage Golf see this as a way where all parties will benefit – the customer through a personalised service from the company or their club professional; the club professional through being able to offer a fitting service and quality product with margins not now seen in the industry; and Heritage Golf being able to offer a quality product at a price not dictated by a volume discount outlet.

Fujikura Shafts
Clients will have the option of having quality Fujikura shafts fitted to their Nicoll clubs. Made in Japan, Fujikura are a leading quality brand shaft used very successfully on the PGA Tour. Heritage Golf are the Fujikura agents for Scotland.

Custom Fitting Room Swing Analysis
Heritage Golf have recently replaced their swing analysis system with state-of-the-art computerised equipment that monitors all aspects of your swing from clubhead speed through to launch angle and spin rate of the ball to assist their club fitters in making an accurate assessment of an individual’s swing. The system assists the expert eye of their club fitters in deciding exactly what golf equipment will best suit your game. From this information Heritage Golf assemble individual sets of Custom Built clubs to meet specific requirements.

To find out more about the George Nicoll range or our personalised fitting system please contact us directly.



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Announcing the George Nicoll Collection. 


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