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UK Based


George Nicoll
Heritage Golf owns the brand names of George Nicoll. Nicoll based in Leven, Fife, began making clubs in 1881 and was one of the oldest and most respected clubmakers of his time. Henry Cotton was probably the best known name to be associated with the company.

St Andrews Golf Company
Another prominent Scottish name in the history of clubmakers was the St Andrew Golf Co based in Dunfermline and Glasgow. Now under the umbrella of Heritage Golf the company has been renamed the St. Andrews Golf Company. D Shute won the 1933 British Open playing with St Andrew Golf Company clubs and Gene Sarazen also endorsed them for a period.

Tom Stewart
The famous Tom Stewart Pipe Brand is now owned by Heritage Golf. A prolific clubmaker in the early 1900s RT (Bobby) Jones Jr favoured his Irons when at his peak in the late 1920s.

Keepers of the Green
This charity organisation raises money for power mobility and has the active support of the R&A and the USGA who assist in donating and presenting powered wheelchairs. The charity is centred around the traditions and conduct of the original 'Keeper of the Greens' Old Tom Morris with Heritage Golf manufacturing sets of clubs based on the period (1880s). Members of the charity purchase these sets upon joining with proceeds going to the charity. The clubs are then used by members during fund raising tournaments held throughout the year. Apart from the UK we have members in USA, Canada, Bermuda, Sweden and Germany. For information on joining Keepers of the Green have a look at their web site at

North America Based


Heritage Golf of St Andrews Inc


European Based


Heritage Golf presently has representation in:



Other Countries


Heritage Golf presently has representation in:

Hong Kong

Ippen Enterprises of Germany has formed a strategic partnership with Heritage Golf and George Nicoll brand to act as a distributor for our product into the Far East and Europe.

Please contact Heritage Golf directly at for details of one of the above representatives.

Heritage Golf are always seeking quality representation in countries around the World. If you believe you have the credentials to represent Heritage Golf and promote its product please contact us. We are also happy to exchange links with relevant golfing related websites. Contact us with your URL and we will consider all requests.



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