These are actual images taken at the factory showing various stages presently employed at Heritage Golf in the process of manufacturing our playable hickory clubs.
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The workshop at Heritage Golf is a fascinating place to visit if passing through St Andrews particularly if you are a golf enthusiast. The friendly staff would be pleased to give you a tour of the factory showing you the various processes involved and explaining what goes into the making of hickory shafted clubs.

You are welcome to browse through our shop or spend time examining our period workbench depicting how club-makers worked and the tools they used at the turn of the 20th century. This proves a popular corner for photographs providing a lasting memory of your visit to Heritage Golf!

The craftsmen have all served their time under the ever watchful eye of Barry Kerr and all have a passion for what they are doing, which is reflected in the quality of their finished product whether it be the manufacture of playable hickory clubs, gutta percha balls or modern club assembly.

Craftsmen at the Factory have the expertise to restore old clubs that have been neglected and can offer advice on the maintenance and upkeep of antique clubs.

We offer a full repair and refurbishment service for your clubs - no matter what their age or condition!

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